Interior styling is one of owner Julie Tattam's passions and her style is best described as fresh Hamptions/Coastal with high-end boho/electic touches. Every zone of her home is carefully curated with statement pieces made by Julie herself(available here)
Extract from interview with Julie Tattam
Our style is best described as fresh Hamptons/Coastal with high-end boho/eclectic touches
Neutral Colour Palette, Earth Tones

We adore whites, greys, neutrals, natural fibres, textures, rustic antique wood and natural light. Our key design goal was to echo the natural earth tones of the stunning river and bush views that grace every room of the home, to 'bring the outside in'.
Statement Lighting

We are passionate about setting the perfect mood through lighting, so the home is filled with statement lighting fixtures such as handwoven pendants, mud bead chandeliers, wooden wine barrel chandeliers, dimmable Hamptons-style wall sconces and rattan/linen lamps.
Texture and Natural Materials

We love playing with texture to add interest to the neutral palette, so each space consists of carefully curated collections crafted from natural materials such as jute, rattan, shell, unrefined wood, feather, hide, oxidised metals, coral, macrame and natural stone.
Consistent with the natural textured vision, the internal floors are all American Oak, with tumbled travertine used in the alfresco and wet areas.
White Finishings and Eclectic Feature Pieces

By using a blank canvas of white beadboard walls, white recessed columns and white shaker cabinetry, we allowed our treasured eclectic decor items (collected on our travels through Africa, India, Bali and Turkey) to draw focus. Many of the statement pieces (such as the random weave basketry and the mudbead chandelier) are also handmade by the owner - artist Julie Tattam.
Tropical Foliage

Finally, to breathe life into the home, we love pops of indoor greenery, so each room hosts a selection of palms, cycads, fiddle-leaf figs, ferns, travellers palms, monsteria and other tropical foliage.