Texture is a key factor in a successful Coastal design for three main reasons:

- The Coastal palette is very neutral, so visual interest and variety is added via texture instead of colour.
- Nature plays a big part in the Coastal aesthetic, so by incorporating textures from nature, we stimulate the senses of touch,
  sight and often smell, triggering summery alfresco memories
- Using textural elements indoors which echo those you can see out of your window (eg. stone, palm fibres, wood) creates a
   harmonious indoor/outdoor flow and helps “bring the outside in”.

Layering textures provides contrast and adds visual weight to key elements in the room. Layered textures bring the space alive, inviting those entering the space to touch and enjoy a tactile experience as well as a visual one.

The 10 Essential Textures we recommend in any Coastal Design are:
1. jute or sisal eg. large rugs
2. rustic, unvarnished, unrefined wood or weathered driftwood
3. rattan/cane eg. furniture, trays and lamps
4. palm fibre wall art such as our Classic Round, Lux Round or Woodmounted Wall Hangings
5. stacked stone (preferably quartzite) eg. walls or fireplaces
6. basketry – from any natural plant fibres such as willow or water hyacinth
7. shiplap wall panelling (also known as beadboard or tongue and groove) in white
8. raffia and seagrass eg. wall art, woven pendants, tribal sculptures
9. matte clay eg. tribal clay beads and planters
10. soft unrefined natural fabrics such as linen, cotton or calico

Other textures we love include leather, hide, feathers, oxidised vintage metals, macrame from cotton or hemp, cement pots, raw wool roving, cuttlebone, woodcarving, woodburning, travertine and tumbled marble, ethical coral (or high-quality resin replicas), pumice, shell and grasscloth wallpaper.

An easy way to practice layering textures is to create vignettes of textured items of varying heights and tones on a rattan tray or in a wooden parat bowl. Items could include a decorative shell, carved wooden candle stand, small woven basketry item, stone carvings, clay beads and a small rustic planter containing interesting foliage. Experiment with arranging the collection, adding or subtracting elements to find the perfect balance. This vignette can then be used as a table or console display.